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Educational Institutions and Non-Profits can purchase the FORDSON Educational DVD on-line here. Payment via Credit Cards and Pay Pal are accepted. If you would like to order directly from North Shore Films please contact us at

Available for purchase by individuals for private and home use only. DVD's will ship within 5 to 7 days of order. Consumer 3-Disc Set Here

The fee for the Educational DVD set is $500.00 and includes two discs. The first is the 92 minute theatrical version of FORDSON which recently completed play across the United States via AMC Theatres. The second disc is the 54 minute international version of that documentary which is also being distributed via television in countries outside of the United States.

For Educational DVD deliveries in the United States, North Shore Films charges either $15.00 (delivery within 10 business days) for shipping and handling. We ship by FEDEX or UPS. If you require overnight service please contact us at For international shipping and orders please contact us directly as shipping prices will depend upon your location and delivery service chosen. North Shore Films will replace any damaged DVD's for $50.00 as long as we still have the DVD's in stock. If the DVD is defective, please return it to us and we will almost always replace the item free of charge.

The use of the FORDSON Educational DVD is for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. It may be exhibited only for showings in classroom and larger group settings for students, teachers and administrators of academic institutions or patrons and members of other non-profits such as libraries for which no admission or screening fee is charged or imposed. It is NOT intended for paid or free exhibitions that are open to the general public at any venue including educational or other not-for-profit institutions, theatres, community centers or religious institutions.

If you are interested in hosting a paid or free exhibition which is open to the general public and/or exhibiting the film for purposes of a fundraiser please visit the "Host a Screening" page of our website or click here. Purchasing the Educational DVD does not provide you with these rights. You must enter into a separate Public Exhibition Agreement with North Shore Films.

Any institution purchasing the FORDSON Educational DVD will be required to "accept and agree" to North Shore Films Public Performance Rights ("PPR") Policy before proceeding to payment and checkout. The policy is as follows:

In consideration of our purchase of the FORDSON Educational DVD and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged that:
  • North Shore Films is granting a limited, revocable, non-transferable perpetual license to us to exhibit and perform the Educational Use Only DVD version of FORDSON (the "film") in classroom or group settings for students, teachers, administrators and patrons or members of the purchaser's educational community including schools and libraries but only where no admission or screening fee is charged or imposed.
  • The license granted to us by North Shore Films does not include the right to exhibit or perform the film where admission is open to the general public or where an admission or screening fee is charged or imposed. We acknowledge we must enter into a separate, commercial film booking agreement with North Shore Films in order to exhibit and perform the film where an admission or screening fee is charged or imposed or for a screening open to the general public.
  • We agree not to duplicate or distribute the film except as provided herein.
  • All rights not specifically granted to us by North Shore Films herein are reserved exclusively to North Shore Films.