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Michael Shamus Director of Photography

Michael Shamus began capturing stories on camera in Detroit in the mid 1980's. After graduating from Central Michigan University he went to work for CNN's Detroit bureau. As a young photographer for CNN he covered everything from chasing fire trucks to flying on the White House Press Charter. Michael learned about Detroit's people, communities, industries, struggles and triumphs. With the camera, he helped tell their stories.

In 1989 he started ENG Detroit, a company that specialized in freelancing for network television news organizations. Working as a DP on national news events, sports features and Olympic coverage got him noticed in the early days of freelance cameramen.

In 1995, Michael formed Shamus Television, Inc. Projects that demand high production skills along with the efficiency and instincts of an experienced news photographer are his favorites. Network news, magazine shows, documentary, as well as commercial work are now keeping him busy around the country and in the town he knows best, Detroit.

The 'Fordson' project is special. Michael lived in Dearborn, just blocks from Fordson High School while he worked for CNN. "I learned more in a week about this community than I have in over 20 years of covering it for the national press." As a photographer, there was no take two. "The challenge was to make it visually rich and not miss any of the real story as it unfolded."